måndag 1 februari 2021

My Ma*rs wardrobe

This is my Ma*rs/Sugargloss collection


100+ *CHANEL* ideas | chanel, chanel wallpapers, chanel background

Ma*rs is a Gyaru/Agejo brand. 
I own mostly pieces with jewelry/perfume print 

Three tops! 
I had the matching skirts but I'm to tall for them so I sold them off last year 

Two dresses with the Sugargloss tag. I actually use the left one more as a long skirt then a dress- oops

Two Ma*rs dresses. 
The right dress is my most worn item in my whole wardrobe and unfortunately it's in TERRIBLE shape. 
(My washing machine broke the zipper recently and that was horrid. I've also lost a few buttons and the top-part have piling and aren't overall very nice anymore. :(  )
I bought the other one as a replacement but if I see the black one again I just might re-buy it.

You can style this type of dress in so many ways <3


Iconic. I love this belt. 

Hair-tie, with my fave print <3 

Future plans

I have a lil' list of things I wish to add to my wardrobe this year from Ma*rs. 

I would like to add a totebag/shopper like this 

And some jewerly with the logo on. 

Amoeba MA✱RS | Wiki | Gyaru/ギャル Amino

And I'll maybe add a fluffy pink hoodie like this one. 

Thank you for reading 


lördag 16 januari 2021

Wardrobe post 2021 part 1 - dresses: (Image heavy)


Hello & welcome to my wardrobe part 1 - Dresses

This is my first time posting a wardrobe post. I’m hoping this documentation of everything I own (sorta) will help me in putting together coords as my wardrobe grows as well! I love to check other wardrobe post so I thought it was time for me to contribute (hehe!)


Cherry Blossom on Apple iOS 14.2  Click on the images for a larger view 

Cherry Blossom on Apple iOS 14.2  2020 was the true year of dream dresses. I really splurged on main pieces. 

Cherry Blossom on Apple iOS 14.2 I know this is quite the amount of clothes but bare in mind I've been buying lolita & j-asfhion over the course of several years. And this is 90% of my closet.

Cherry Blossom on Apple iOS 14.2 I've included some items that aren't typical Lolita-brands, but all the items are a part of my daily closet. 

Cherry Blossom on Apple iOS 14.2 I'm lucky to have a job in fashion and marketing, which makes it possible to wear this fashion everyday. I don't wear every dress to work but I do try to style most of my items casually in my everyday life.  

Cherry Blossom on Apple iOS 14.2 Not pictured are all the headbows, jewerly and socks. And also waist-ties. So many waist-ties.  

Cherry Blossom on Apple iOS 14.2 The year besides the brand name is the year the dress came out, not when I bought it.  



First out are black ones

Angelic Pretty Cinema Doll, 2020 
Angelic Pretty re-released  this gem in 2020 and I managed to get one. 

Angelic Pretty Wonder Party, 2012

Alice and the Pirates, 
Carousel Appliqué JSK II, 2010
I had this black dress, petticoat and all to go see Baby Metal last year. I really wanted to have a Gothic lolita coord to that concert and so I picked this dress. HEAVY velvet is not recommended while people are moshing but people were so considerate. 10/10. 

Angelic Pretty, Magical Etoile (Can't find this exact cut on lolibrary?) , 2014?
This was the print that got me into Sweet Lolita. I saw an ad for it and fell in love. I love amusement parks so this was given. 

Angelic Pretty Candy Sprinkle Salopette, Lucky pack, 2013
I'm not that fond of salopettes as I'm tall, but I just couldn't pass on this print. 

Innocent world, Side drape jsk, 2012
Found this gem for under 200 sek(!) It's my go to dress for concerts as it is in light material. The front is detachable and you can un-button the drapes at the sides, making this a very versatile garment. 

Angelic Pretty Dreamy Dollhouse, 2009
I thought for a long time that One-pieces wasn't my thing. I was wrong.
This is one of my most worn dresses of 2020 & It's in great condition for it's age. 


Angelic Pretty Chocolate Rosette special set, 2018, Angelic Pretty Royal chocolate round jsk, 2012

Emily temple cute, Queen's Garden Velour Sleeveless OP

Emily temple cute Chocolate Bar Camisole JSK, 2014

This was my first purchase directly from a brand store. Spent almost my whole salary from my summer job on this dress and thus began the chocolate obsession.

Angelic Pretty Melty Royal Chocolate, 2013, Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate High Waist, 2009


Innocent World, Emblem Collar jsk, 2007
This is by far the oldest dress I own and the most worn. It's quite simple and could pass as vintage fashion of some sort, which makes it good for more normal settings and work. I've had it altered with the help of a tailor to fit my measurements. Bought it around 2015 at my first swap meet.  

Innocent World, Charles Crown JSK, 2011, short version

Innocent World, Lotta jsk, 2009 original release 
A dream dress of mine since I first saw lolita fashion online. Love love love it.


Angelic Pretty, Dreamy Girl High Waist JSK, 2014
Oh boy this dress have been through a lot. Managed to spill tomato soup all over this dress at a job interview.
As you can see I managed to save it. 

Baby the stars shine bright, Queen of Snow ~Fragment of "Eternity" I Hid in Snow Globe~ jsk I, 2014

"They ran about with the mirror; and at last there was not a land or a person who was not represented distorted in the mirror.So then they thought they would fly up to the sky, and have a joke there. The higher they flew with the mirror, the more terribly it grinned: they could hardly hold it fast. Higher and higher still they flew, nearer and nearer to the stars, when suddenly the mirror shook so terribly with grinning, that it flew out of their hands and fell to the earth, where it was dashed in a hundred million and more pieces."

Hans Christian Andersen, The Snow Queen

I just call it my Frozen dress. My only dress by Baby the stars shine bright and I love it. Bought it damaged and restored it. I'm really fond of the cut and find it really flattering. Will look for the same silouette if I were to buy something more from them. 

Angelic Pretty, Fairy Snow Decoration, 2019

This print was really slept on when it came out. The details are immaculate and deserve more hype. I really wish to make an OTT coord with this for a tea party. 


Angelic Pretty Tiara Rose Chest Ribbon, 2009
Top-tier princess dress right here. Bought this damaged for a low price. Washed it and it's like new again. The headbow matching this dress is one of my most worn headdresses. 

Angelic Pretty, Sugary Carnival OP, 2009
I c o n i c Angelic pretty.
Bought this right before the MTO was announced. It's not in great condition. Oh well.  
(It's quite hard to photograph purple I think)


Angelic Pretty, Sugary Carnival, 2009 
I c o n i c Angelic pretty pt 2
Bought this jsk right under the hype. Looked for it so so long.  The age of this dress is showing thus the print have faded a bit. I don't mind it as I still think it's beautiful. 
For the MTO I went for the blue jsk as I think this still have a lot of wear left. 

Bodyline Love Jewelry JSK (L345), 2011

Angelic Pretty, Country of Sweets, 2011 

Bought this damaged and is currently repairing the dress. Gives me old OTT vibes and looking forward to coord this. 

Bodyline, Honey Margeret Honey Margaret JSK (L365)
Underrated dress from Bodyline. The dress comes with a tiny soft pattern of hearts. The only downside is that it doesn't have any lining, which makes it quite transparent. 

Merry Making Party Collar JSK, 2010
100% party dress. Bought this from a person who quit lolita fashion. It's unshirred and I have had it altered at a tailor to extend the part around my ribs a few centimeters. Now it fits like a dream.
Note to self, old AP with no shirring is always 2 cm to tight to be comfy. And I do like to breathe. 

Little Bear's Cafe OP, 2010
Also one of my most worn dresses 2020. It's really comfy. Never thought I would own this as the print is quite busy. Alas it's busy in a good way! 

Angelic Pretty, Powder rose chest ribbon jsk , 2010
It took so long to hunt down this dress in this specific cut. I can't wait to coord this this summer. 

Dressed Up Doll Set (Omekashi Doll Set), Lucky pack, 2013
Another princess type dress. Downside is that it gets wrinkly really easy. 

White and beige

Angelic Pretty, Honey Cake, 2019
I wear this a lot, but it's to big for me so I often style this with a top. Unpopular opinion: I would like to have the old measurements and a poly re-realese. 
I have the matching socks in the mail currently. Really strange that Angelic Pretty decided realese them now and not at the same time as the MTO? 

Angelic Pretty Toy drops, 2012
Bought this of  a blogger that I used to follow. She quit the fashion, sadly, and now I have the dress. 

Pretty Rock, baby, Snow deer, 2018(?)
First dress from a Chinese brand called "Pretty rock, baby". Quality is so-so. Cute deers in the snow and a "fur"-like border. In hindsight I should have gone for the "normal" waist instead of the high-waisted one. Live and learn. 

Angelic Pretty Marchen Ribbon OP, 2011.
I think this is such a cute name. Marsherande rosetter. 

Angelic Pretty, Little Lady or Lacy lady, 2012
I wanted this for my prom or graduation dress back when I was in high-school. Let's just say it was over my budget haha. I got a smiliar dress but I wanted this one at the back of my head. Found a girl in the UK who sold it to me a few years later <3. She replaced the buttons from the original white to black ones and I just think it looks better this way. First button says "cabbages and roses" which is a vintage brand. I just thought it was a silly detail!

Little Fox and Folding Fan, Tailor Bunny, 2019(?) 
I LOVE foxes. So this print was a given. I have matching kimono like sleeves for this dress. I'm still unsure if Wa-Lolita is for me. 
Fabric is nicely heavy with structure and I'm very pleased with how it fits. Belt is adjustable with corset shirring. I just don't have much experience in stying this sub-style. 

Currently in the mail:

Sugary Carnival JSK, MTO 2021, Jewelry Jelly, 2010, Angelic Pretty Happy pack, 2021 and some wardrobe padding from Taobao. 

Will update once everything arrive. 

That was all for part 1
Next part is skirts, tops and bags 
Thank you for reading <3